Admission procedure

The PuppeTry Consortium has adopted a single admission procedure administered and managed online. All information for applicants and application forms will be published on the PuppeTry website at least two months before the application deadline.

The deadline for submitting the application for the academic year 2020/2021 is 31 January  2020.

The application process consists of three steps: edited

  1. Applicants will fill in and submit the application via the PuppeTry website. Applicants will fill out the on-line application form, where they also indicate if they apply for an Erasmus+ Scholarship and upload required documents in pdf.
  2. The application and required documents will be pre-screened for formal requirements by the PuppeTry Consortium secretary general.
  3. Applications that are formally qualified, will be evaluated by the Entrance Exam Committee for selection.


PuppeTry is a master’s degree course open to graduates of arts academies/universities or humanities with the first, bachelor’s degree from all over the world.

Required documents

Candidates have to provide the following documents:
  • Proof of nationality (passport copy with photo)
  • Original and translated copy of the university degree and of the academic transcripts – Depending on the country of origin of the awarded diploma or certificate, there are various methods of authorisation. A list of countries and methods can be found here: List of authorisation procedures by country
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Artist’s portfolio (preferably a pdf file including texts, photos and links; please do not upload full videos!)
  • Motivation Letter including the vision of the profession’s future (maximum two A4 pages)
  • Two letters of recommendation by two respectable academic or arts professionals in English. One of the letters has to be written by a professional puppeteer or respectable puppetry institution.

Required Language

The language of instruction is English.

Applicants are required to prove their English knowledge at the level of intermediate language exam B2. The certificate in English is not required. The level of English will be assessed during online interviews with selected applicants in second round of Entrance Exams


Participation fees

Participation in PuppeTry EMJMD is a subject of participation fees.

The fee for participation in whole programme (four semesters studies) are:

  • EUR 18,000 for self-funded students
  • EUR 9,000 for Erasmus+ scholarship holders from programme countries
  • EUR 18,000  for Erasmus+ scholarship holders from partner countries

The participation fee of scholarship holders will be transferred from EACEA directly to PuppeTry Consortium.

The self-funded students will pay the participation fee in three installments:

  • EUR 1,000 – not later than 1 month after the selection
  • EUR 8,000 – not later than on June 30 of the year of selection
  • EUR 9,000 – not later than on August 31 of the year following the year of selection

The participation fee covers:

  • University overheads
  • Publicity and dissemination of the course and the outcomes of students’ work
  • Costs for enrolment at the consortium partners’ institutions
  • Participation in all classes offered within PuppeTry curriculum
  • Support in administrative and organizational issues by the consortium partners
  • Health and accident insurance according to the minimum requirements of the Erasmus+ Programme
  • All examinations during the course and the issuing of the final diploma
  • Access to a pool of the schools’ technical equipment and facilities.
  • Budgeted financial contribution for the material and production expenses of practical diploma work (performance).

Participation fee do not cover accommodation, living expenses, travel or visa costs.

Erasmus+ scholarship

PuppeTry EMJMD has been allocated budget for a number of scholarships by EACEA.
The applicants meeting admission requirements are encouraged to apply.

The PuppeTry programme offers for academic year 2020/2021:

  • three scholarships to students from programme countries. (Programme country students are nationals or residents of one of the 28 EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and also nationals or residents of one of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia
  • twelve scholarships to students from partner countries (Partner country students are nationals or residents of Regions 1-14 specified by Erasmus+ programme:

Students with a double nationality must select the category of their choice and they have to apply only to one of the two categories of scholarship at a time.

Scholarship for student from programme countries covers:

  • Participation costs: EUR 4,500 per year
  • Contribution to travel costs: EUR 1,000 per year
  • Contribution to subsistence costs: EUR 1,000 per month for the entire duration of the PuppeTry programme (22 months)

Scholarship for students from partner countries covers:

  • Participation fee: EUR 9,000 per year (if the student has not spent more than 12 months in Programme Country in last 5 years; otherwise EUR 4,500 per year) 
  • Contribution to travel costs: EUR 2,000 per year if residence is less than 4.000 km from Budapest or EUR 3,000 per year if residence is 4.000 km or more from Budapest 
  • Contribution to installation costs: EUR 1,000 for installation costs for a resident in a Partner Country 
  • Contribution to subsistence costs: EUR 1,000 per month for the entire duration of the PuppeTry programme (22 months maximum)

Other scholarship

Information about other possible scholarships for the programme can be found at: The Scholarship Portal and the International Scholarship Portal

A list of additional opportunities for scholarships will be updated on this place by PuppeTry consortium:

International Visegrad Fund
Erasmus Master Loans
Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary

Selection conditions​

Selection procedure

The applications will be pre-screened for formal requirements by PuppeTry Consortium secretary general and only the complete applications will be assessed and given over to the Entrance Exam Committee for evaluation.

The selection procedure includes two stages (rounds):

1. Evaluation of the documents provided by the applicant by Entrance Exam Committee:

  • Motivation Letter including applicant´s professional vision
  • Curriculum vitae and transcript of academic studies. Depending on the country of origin of the awarded diploma or certificate, there are various methods of authorisation. A list of countries and methods can be found here: List of authorisation procedures by country
  • Artist’s portfolio
  • Two letters of recommendation by two respectable academic or arts professionals in English. One of the letters has to be written by a professional puppeteer or respectable puppetry institution.

Applicants with the highest ranking in the first round, will be invited for the second round. Creative assignment for the second round will be delivered aside the invitation.

2. Second round will take place in form of Interview with selected applicants and presentation of assigned creative tasks. Practical creative tasks assigned in advance will be evaluated during interview. The interview with Entrance Exam Committee will take by video conference.

Evaluation criteria

The Evaluation Criteria will be made fully available to applicants on the website to ensure full transparency. The merits of the applicants will be weighted as follows:

In the 1st Round the maximum score is 100 points that will add up as follows: up to 40 pts for motivation letter and professional vision, up to 40 pts for artist’s portfolio, up to 10 pts for previous study experience and transcript of studies, up to 10 pts for recommendation letters. In the 2nd Round the maximum score is 100 points that will add up as follows: up to 25 points for homework video prepared in advance, up to 25 for the questionnaire, up to 25 points for the written ordered text, up to 25 points for the interview. Special care will be taken in the student selection to avoid any discrimination. Applications will be considered solely on the basis of their academic merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other distinction. At the end of the selection procedure, a ranking list will be compiled of admitted students in decreasing order of merit and according to the number of scholarships available. This list will be submitted to the PuppeTry Academic Board for approval of admitted students and of those who will benefit from an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship or any other available funding. The lists of selected and reserve candidates shall be approved by EACEA. Admitted students who do not qualify for a scholarship, due to the limited number of individual scholarships available, can be admitted to the PuppeTry course on self-funded basis. Self-funded candidates will have to provide adequate proof of financial sustainability for the whole course duration or they can apply for other scholarships.


The list of the approved and rejected students will be delivered by PuppeTry Academic Board to the administrative office of the Coordinating University (SZFE) which will start the admission procedure.

All applicants shall receive written communication of the PuppeTry Academic Board’s decision. It will arrive in the form of a Notification Letter explaining the grounds of accepting or rejecting the application, also containing information on the appeal procedure. Applicants on the reserve list will also be notified. The notification of acceptance for the selected candidates will include:

  • The official letter of approval;
  • A model Student agreement.

The notification of acceptance will contain a deadline by which all students should be registered by sending all required documentation. If this deadline is not met, the place will be offered to another student from the reserve list, according to their ranking. An additional deadline for completing the registration process will be set.

Appeal system​

All accepted applicants will be given direct access to the information regarding the applications’ assessment and evaluation phases.

Only rejected candidates who undertook both the 1st and the 2nd Rounds of the Selection Procedure will be given sufficient time (fourteen days) to  lodge an appeal after sending Notification Letter. 

Online application

Application procedure

25 November 2019 – Application call for PuppeTry and for EACEA scholarships

31 January 2020 – Deadline for submitting the application form for PuppeTry and  EACEA scholarship 

17 – 21 February 2020 – Interviews with PuppeTry and EACEA scholarship applicants invited to 2nd Round

29 February 2020 – EACEA scholarships acceptance announcement deadline

10 April 2020 – Deadline for EACEA scholarship reserve list candidates to apply as self-funded students

30 April 2020 – Application deadline for PuppeTry for other self-funded applicants and other scholarship holders

30 June 2020 – Deadline for the sending second installment of the participation fee for self-funded students

15 July 2020 – Publication of all selected candidates


Important! Only a fully completed application form can be accepted by the Academic Board!

Application result​

After the PuppeTry Academic Board has completed the selection process for students applying for the first intake (2020) of PuppeTry EMJMD and for EACEA scholarships, the ranking list of scholarship holders and reserve list will be published here.